Rachita Habbu

Senior Designer

Branding, Digital Design, Motion Graphics, Advertising, Paid Socials,
PR, and Marketing

School of Visual Arts ’19

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A French Influence on India: Pondicherry
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About Me

A French
Influence on India: Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a French Colony in Southern India. One of my favorite places in the whole world. The city where my dad grew up and I spent a good chunk of my trip every single time I went back home to India. 

The town is known for its peaceful nature, meditation, and french architecture, and truly a place that really feels like a vacation.

This Guidebook showcases pictures that my father took when he was young, with my drawings on top of what those same places look like now, including a passage that my father wrote about his home. It showcases a drawing on the cover, where I drew all the well known parts of Pondicherry, chapter openers with French borders and French typography, and more.